The Fincake project provides for three NFT releases. Individual collections are based on individual smart contracts.
NFTs can be used as avatars and give their owners several advantages.
Sharks (Uncommon) - 1000 items, price: 0.1 eth.
Sharks - a whitelist for a token with the ability to buy Fincake token cheaper than the public price.
  • Lifetime PRO account.
  • Tokenized NFT will act as a virtual assistant on the service.
Sharks (Legendary) - 200 items, price: 1.5 eth
Whales - you get the same value as if you join the project through a venture fund.
  • Guaranteed allocation of Fincake token at low price
  • Become a Fincake DAO Member
  • Access to private whale chat
  • Lifetime PRO account.
  • Merch with delivery.
Secret Collection - 100 items
A set of benefits for the secret collection will be announced together with the information about this collection.
Among other things, tokenized images will act as a virtual assistant on the service.